Exhibit: The Evolving Cigarette / A Century of Cigarettes
Location: La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa, Montgomery, TX
Date: July 24 – 26, 2017
Number of Attendees: 371

Focus of Meeting:
Say What! stands for Students, Adults and Youth Working Hard Against Tobacco! and was created by Texas youth to connect everyone working towards reducing tobacco use throughout the Lone Star State. Youth leaders saw a need to unify the various, and typically disconnected, tobacco prevention efforts statewide aimed at protecting Texans from the harmful effects of tobacco. The Say What! movement provides an umbrella organization to connect, learn, share and inspire others to make a positive difference in their schools and communities.

The annual Say What! Texas Tobacco-Free Conference is a youth-led, youth-focused conference with youth and adult participants from across Texas in attendance. This year, 371 attendees from Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alaska, Indiana and D.C. were in attendance. Both youth and adult participants gained knowledge of tobacco prevention education, youth-adult partnerships, teambuilding skills, leadership skills, policy advocacy skills, public speaking skills and participated in networking opportunities so each group could gain the resources needed to educate their schools and communities and activate change for a healthier, tobacco-free living.