New Exhibit and Website: The Evolving Cigarette

The Evolving Cigarette exhibit explores the cigarette, its commercial origins, manufacturing, variations, nicotine delivery, marketing, and inventions that support smoking. This exhibit can be configured either as a 20 ft. walk around or as a 40 ft. wall exhibit.

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The Tobacco Policy and Control Program at the Medical University of South Carolina has developed several educational exhibits that are available for display *FREE of charge at your next conference or health expo. Our exhibits provide important tobacco-policy and health education information that increases awareness of the tobacco epidemic and provides a narrative history of big tobacco’s toll on global health.

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) World Lung Cancer Conference

A Century of Cigarettes Exhibit at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) World Lung Cancer Conference

Our exhibits raise awareness:

  • The forces that influenced the sale of cigarettes and the resulting epidemic of lung cancer (A Century of Cigarettes)
  • The history of the office of the Surgeon General as well as the events that led up to the 1964 SGR report on smoking and health (50 Year Surgeon General Report)
  • The globalization of the tobacco epidemic, tobacco-related deaths worldwide, and the future forecasts of tobacco related deaths (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control)
  • Tobacco trials in the U.S. over the past century and how they directly influenced tobacco policy regulations (Towards Health Through Justice)
  • The evolution of tobacco cigarette designs and packaging over the past century (The Evolving Cigarette)

Our exhibits are perfect for:

  • Cancer awareness and anti-smoking events
  • Cancer research conferences
    evolving cigarette exhibit

    The Evolving Cigarette Exhibit

  • Employee health and wellness events
  • Health fairs
  • Health fundraisers or charity walks
  • Hospital practice openings
  • Patient education
  • Tobacco research conferences


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If you are interested in reserving an exhibit for your next meeting please feel free to contact us at
or call 843-876-2435.

*Shipping, handling, labor, and other fees are negotiated per event.


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